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Welcome to Dry Ridge Kikos located in the Missouri Ozarks near Lebanon Mo. We are members of the American Kiko Goat Assoc. We have both 100% New Zealand and purebred Kikos.

We started raising Boer goats in 2004 and grew that herd to 75 does and 3 bucks. What we eventually
came to realize over the years was that while Boer goats are pretty, they are high maintanence. We lost
alot of goats to worms and we were always trimming hooves.

After doing alot of research into other breeds we settled on Kikos as the breed that had the best fit for us
and our farm. The number1 reason for choosing Kikos-LOW MAINTENANCE, good worm resistance,hardy,fast growing, and good mothers.


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FYI-- starting 2018 I will be selling yearling does and some doe kids as I have my herd built up to what I want now. I have been slow keeping this site updated due to a lack of time ut i expect that to change. Thanks for looking